Mollie's Weekend in Five Instagrams: October 6-7

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I have a huge hole in my floor, so I needed to do socialize and do things I love this weekend to get my mind off of it. 

I haven't had a working toilet for the last month. Finally the pipe was repaired, but there's a gaping hole left unfilled in my floor. Hopefully it'll get finished up this week, but needless to say, I'm pretty frustrated. There's dirt on all of my belongings, my floor was ruined, and I'm totally over it. 

My chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, always makes me happy. His sweet smile warms my heart! Here he is with his favorite toys. 


I saw a show at Huge Improv Theater in Uptown on Saturday where they take super hero name suggestions from the audience and build scenes based on those names. A comic artist draws a cover during the show, and the winner gets to take it home. My improv classmate, Jennifer, suggested Seatbelt Mom and won the poster! 


I felt like my makeup was on point on Saturday night, so I shared this selfie. The caption is right; I really do wish I was blonde again. I'm transitioning back to blonde very soon! 


I love having brunch on either Saturdays or Sundays. My fave spot is The Lowbrow on Nicollet Ave, which serves Peace Coffee. It's so good! And I forgot to take a picture of my food (I was really hungry), but I always get the Avocado Toast with poached eggs. Delish. 


I decided I had to have a purse I saw last weekend at Charming Charlie in Atlanta, so I made the trip to the Coon Rapids Charming Charlie to get it. Good thing I waited until today, because I ended up getting a good deal on my purchase! The store's mirrors are really flattering, so I felt comfortable taking a mirror selfie. But, I can never look at myself while taking public mirror selfies. I feel stupid taking any selfie in public, so I feel like no one will notice I'm taking a photo of myself if I don't stare in the mirror. Plus I did try to look at myself, and the photo ended up looking horrible. 



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