Mollie's Belated Weekend Post: Her Weekend in 5 Instagrams

A visit to the ER was the cherry on top to my weekend, and I'm just now reflecting on my trip to Atlanta. 

I missed my show Monday night not because I was tired, but because (OMG) I was sent to the emergency room at Southdale Hospital. I ate some cookies that had something I was allergic to in them (peanuts or, as I'm told, cashew butter). Ugh. I'm always so careful, but from now on I just have to say no to homemade goods. As you can imagine, the holidays are the worst time for this, so this will be tough. 

But I can't dwell on the terrible stuff that happened, because at least I'm alive. 

This weekend, I saw my cousin Katharine get married, and it was also a real treat to see my immediate and extended family. I haven't seen them in almost a year, and probably won't get to see them until sometime next year. 

I joked about attending "Real Housewives training" in Atlanta, which I really wish existed. I think Andy Cohen and Bravo could make some serious bank on this idea. To get ready for my Real Housewives of Atlanta-inspired weekend, I had a couple margaritas at Barrio in the airport. Oh my wow, those drinks are really strong. (But very good. Even with the cheap tequila!)


I rolled out of bed the next morning after getting 12 glorious hours of sleep to go shopping at The Forum in Norcross, GA. My Real Housewives training must have really worked, because I popped off on a woman who didn't stop for pedestrians (me) at the outdoor mall. Everyone else seemed to understand safety and etiquette except this woman. The finger was not injured in this incident, but instead while trying to pull out a toothbrush packet from my suitcase. That sounds so lame. 


Katharine's wedding was beautiful. It was held at the Carlyle House in Norcross and the drinks were flowing. I danced with my mom and dad to "Uptown Funk" (my mom's favorite jam), and even slapped my mom's behind while dancing to "Low" by Flo Rida. This was definitely my night to shine. 


The next day was spent with family, doing more shopping. We went to this "hipster mall" called the Ponce City Market. Crate & Barrel was my highlight because I got a free little smoothie! It tasted just as adorable as it looks here. 


The highlight of my trip was getting to come home and be back with my sweet little chihuahua, Jaq Jaq! He is the light of my life. I wish I could've taken him with me, but also traveling with a pet is pretty exhausting. He had fun in the Twin Cities with his new friends, Montana & Parker! 


BONUS: I didn't post this on Instagram, but it was another cool thing we did. My family and I visited the Margaret Mitchell House, which has been converted into a museum. It's an old apartment building where the Gone With the Wind author wrote 90% of the book. Not much of the building is original, but this tile is. Pretty cool!

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