Local Musician Shot, Robbed in Northeast Minneapolis

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A Twin Cities musician was shot Friday night, according to multiple reports.

Fox 9 says Red Daughters singer, Aaron 'Hix' Lee, was shot in the abdomen on Friday night just before his show at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis. 

A GoFundMe page shares an account of what happened: 

While he and his girlfriend were walking back to their house, a car pulled up alongside them. A man with a gun jumped out and demanded their phones and wallets. After immediately complying with the demands, the attacker decided to turn and shoot, and then drove away, leaving Hix and Kate in a terrifying bloody aftermath. Luckily, Kate had managed to conceal her phone from the attacker and was able to immediately dial 911. Hix was rushed to the nearest hospital and into surgery. 

Lee is currently in stable condition after undergoing three surgeries this weekend, and he'll remain in the hospital for one to two weeks. The bullet hit his colon and is in his leg, where it will stay the rest of his life. 

Lee is also a server at Pizza Nea. The restaurant is organizing a fundraiser for next Saturday, and fans can show support via GoFundMe now. 

Photo: Aaron "Hix" Lee Medical Fund via GoFundMe


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