Mollie's Must-Haves: Comfy Gifts To Get Yourself This Christmas

These gifts on are so comfy-cozy, you won't want to get them for anyone else.

Color-In Socks from Living Royal

I didn't even know these socks existed until I found them in my newsfeed, and I'm still freaking out over them. Living Royal sells these socks that you fill in using Crayola fabric markers, which are included in each kit. There are 32 different designs to choose from, a few of which are Christmas-themed. (My guess is these will go on sale after Christmas, and they'd probably make great gifts for next year!) There's something for everyone: sea creatures, dogs, cacti, NYC and Hollywood, flowers, donuts, cats, unicorns, dinosaurs, narwhals and more. You'd think they're for kids, but honestly...I want these socks for myself and I know you do, too! Find them here, and you can get to the cactus socks directly (pictured) by clicking on the photo. 

Crayola/Living Royal via

Electronic Coffee Mug by Ember

Forget about air-insulated mugs...and no, you don't have every electronic device out there until you've met Ember. Control the temperature of your coffee or hot cocoa with Ember, which is an electronic ceramic mug you can control via Bluetooth. It comes in two colors (black or white) and you can change the color of the LED lighting and the temperature remotely. Best Buy sells Ember online for $79.99. 

Ember via

Peace Coffee

I have to throw in one of my FAVORITE local favorites, Peace Coffee!! I have brunch at The Lowbrow every Sunday just for the Peace Coffee, I've seen businesses serve it in their office, and you can even enjoy Peace Coffee at their coffee shop in southeast Minneapolis at 3262 Minnehaha Avenue. Best of all, you can purchase Peace Coffee by the bag when you run errands at Cub and other grocers to enjoy at home. I personally love the Twin Cities blend, and I think it makes a great gift for family members that live out-of-state, which sends a cute "wish you were here" message. It's kind of pricey for coffee ($11-15 online and in stores), but it's sooooo deliciously worth every penny. Peace Coffee blends come in whole bean and ground. Shop Peace Coffee here or click on the photo below.
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