Mollie's Must-Haves: Zany Christmas Gifts For The Unique Individual

These zany must-have Christmas gifts are perfect for the unique individual in your life.

Magnet Art from Magnetic Originals by Gauss

I saw these crazy mixed-media magnets at Stone Arch Bridge Festival and fell in love with them this summer! They're so crazy and each one is totally unique. Gauss (@magnetdude on Instagram) uses pictures, patches, crystals, and other materials and media to create these one-of-a-kind magnets with a Minnesota focus (Prince, local breweries, etc.). Find his storefront in Calhoun Square, and check out his Facebook page for updates on where else he'll be around the Twin Cities. 

Spoonable Spirits Booze-Infused Pudding & Jell-O Shots

These booze-infused pudding and Jell-O shots are perfect for Christmas OR New Year's Eve celebrations (or any other occasion year-round, honestly)! It's a female-owned business serving up shots in mini jars starting at $30 for 6 jars. Try Cranberry Cosmo or Naughty Nutel-Latte for your holiday parties...or get the Happy Holidaze Pudding Combo Pack that comes with Blasted Blizzards and Whiskey Rolos. Obviously you need to be at least 21 to order and consume these. Order and get more info about Spoonable Spirits here

Rock Art Kits from Hobby Lobby

When you think of it, painting rocks is kind of a weird hobby to have...but it's so much fun and it's something I can see families doing between unwrapping presents and eating Christmas dinner. I found these different rock art kits at Hobby Lobby that include all the materials you need (including rocks - and there are other rocks in the same display in case you want to buy more), and they're only $8 per kit. I'm a huge fan of the galaxy rocks, which I might pick up for myself this week. I found them at the Hobby Lobby in Bloomington, but I bet they're at every Hobby Lobby in the Twin Cities area. 

Mollie Kendrick
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