Mollie's Must-Haves: Gifts Women Actually Want For Christmas

Women are not that hard to shop for once you realize what we actually want for Christmas. Here's a guide to what women really want in their stocking or under the tree, Minnesota-style. 

BuzzFeed shared a comprehensive list of 51 gifts you'd actually want to find in your Christmas stocking, which inspired this article. Examples include blotting papers, a silicone mat that cleans makeup brushes, a unicorn-colored keyboard cover, rainbow metallic flask, and pumpkin seeds. 

Below are some Minnesota stocking stuffer must-haves that I know you'd love to unwrap on Christmas morning. 

White Pumpkin Candle or Wax Melts from Piccadilly Prairie

Piccadilly Prairie has a shop at Southdale Mall and you can also order some of their products online. These candles are made by 1803 Candles, a family-owned soy wax candle shop that has products in small stores all over the country. I got my sister the White Pumpkin wax melts for her birthday, which I think had glitter or something on it. They were super nice, and not your typical wax melts you buy at Michael's stores or wherever. Side note: Piccadilly Prairie has a lot of Minnesota-branded items, too, like T-shirts, pint glasses, and prints that can be framed and hung in your Minnesota-themed guest room or Airbnb. 

Check out the other scents that 1803 Candles sells here, and check out Piccadilly Prairie online here

Piccadilly Prairie

Lake Superior Agate Minnesota Pendant Necklace from Minnesota Makers

I was first introduced to Minnesota Makers this summer at the Stone Arch Bridge Festival where they hosted the Mandalas and Moscato painting class that I hosted. They offer a variety of crafty DIY classes but they're also a shop that houses a variety of products from local artists. Natural stones and healing crystals are all the rage these days, and I can tell you that women appreciate a pretty stone like this. The Minnesota shape adds a nice touch to this! Each of these pendants is different, so they don't sell them'd have to stop by one of their two locations to pick it up. 

Find them at 4180 West Broadway, Robbinsdale, MN 55422 and at 505 Nicollet Mall, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55402. 

Aromatherapy Bracelet and Oil Gift Set from Essence One

I met Essence One at the Minnesota State Fair this summer, where they sold these adorable Minne-soapas, Minnesota-shaped soap on a stick. They have natural body care products (including natural deodorant) that use essential oils that smell absolutely amazing. You can browse the individual products they have online or check them out in shops around the Twin Cities, but they also have several gift sets like this bracelet and oil gift set, which is a collaboration with Baubles and Bobbies of North Mankato, MN. You can choose from four scents, which you put a drop of on the lava rock on the aromatherapy bracelet. Whoever you get this for will absolutely love being able to carry around a delicious scent all day on their wrist. It's so comforting! 

Essence One

Gift Card to Love Your Melon

What Minnesota woman doesn't love these beanies? I have a friend that has at least six Love Your Melon beanies, and for that reason I say don't get someone an actual beanie...get them a gift card. I don't know about you, but I hate getting clothes as gifts because I usually hate the item or I already have it. If you know someone that loves Love Your Melon, don't get them an actual beanie and risk buying one that they already own. Instead, they'll be able to get a beanie of their choice with a gift card. Just make sure you give the right dollar amount so they don't have to spend any of their own money on the beanie. Obviously there are a lot of cute colors, with and without poms, so if you did want to buy an actual beanie, there are many options to choose from. Best of all, of course, it benefits a great cause. Find the gift cards here

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