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2022 World Happiness Report is Out! Where did the US figure into it?

Hey guys, Happy MONDAY! I would say we rank pretty high when it comes to happiness overall as a country. The annual list of the Happiest Countries in the World is out. Here's the breakdown:

FINLAND is the HAPPIEST COUNTRY in the World. Why is FINLAND so happy? The report looks at life expectancy, gdp, social issues, generosity and freedom and Finland is great in all of those evidentially.

There's a common theme in the top countries... Europe. After Finland, #2 is DENMARK and #3 is ICELAND.

The UNITED STATES scored a B+ on the report. That's good enough for the 16th Happiest Country in the World!

On the other end of things, the bottom three were AFGHANISTAN, LEBANON & ZIMBABWE.

At #16... we have some work to do but overall not bad. If you ever have to get relocated for a job though and it's in Finland, Denmark or Iceland... say yes!


photo: getty images

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