Mollie's Weekend In Five Photos: December 8-9

My weekend was pretty uneventful, but it was relaxing and that's exactly what I needed for myself before a busy week ahead of me. 

I think these photos are actually ALL from Sunday. Saturday was just such a blur and honestly I forgot to save photos from then. 

I recently had new floors put down in my condo (you may recall I had this horrible plumbing issue and didn't have a working toilet for two months), and all of my stuff is still disorganized. I spent a good chunk of the weekend putting things back into place, getting rid of things I no longer need, and just clearing out junk in general. My parents sent me Christmas presents in this Chewy box, and I thought it would be cute to put Jaq Jaq in it. I think the caption, "Mom, where do food babies come from?" fits this perfectly.   

I always make a point to have brunch at The Lowbrow in south Minneapolis every weekend. I told my waiter friend, Dominic, that I'm auditioning for the morning show on Cities 97.1 and he gave me this coffee cake to wish me well! Love him. By the way, their Avocado Toast with poached eggs is amazing. That's what I order every weekend. The coffee cake is really good, too! They serve Peace Coffee there, btw. It's my favorite. 

After brunch, I always try to walk off the carbs at Mall of America. I almost didn't buy anything, but there were a couple jackets at Forever 21 that caught my eye. I haven't shopped there in forever because it seems like their clothes are all for pre-teens, but honestly there are some really mature finds if you take the time to look around and sift through all the junk and cheap crap they sell. I found this furry jacket that's black and teal striped. I'm wearing a size small...they have affordable prices and a bunch of different fuzzy jackets for everyone's style. (And there was a sale going on.) I was pleasantly surprised. 

I love this puffer style jacket that's super trendy right now, too. You can never have too many jackets and coats living in the Twin Cities, honestly! 

As we wound down for the weekend, Jaq Jaq was my adorable little assistant. I know you know this by now, but he's my world.   And yes his nails are getting trimmed this week. 

There's a LOT more to my Instagram story that you missed. Let's connect on Instagram and I promise you'll be entertained all week long!   My handle is @mollieonair.

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