Five Christmas Gifts Your Chilly Pooch Will Love

What would Christmas be without getting gifts for your dog(s)? Warm their chilly little body (and their heart) with these five Christmas gift ideas. 

1. Self-Warming Pet Bed

This self-warming pet bed from K&H Pet Products was tested by little doggos in the video below. They seem to really love it...and if you're thinking I'm only sharing this because of Zoe the chihuahua, you are correct. You can shop around for it online, but one of the places you can find it (online only) is Bed Bath & Beyond for $24.99. 

2. Matching Pajama Sets

The cutest...You can find matching PJ sets all over the place online. I know your dog probably doesn't prefer to be dressed up, but they'll totally catch on to the special moment seeing YOU in the same outfit. I'm sure of it. 

3. Sherpa Pajamas

So maybe you don't want any more pajamas for yourself, but you want your dog to be up-to-date on the latest trends. Enter sherpa. Bed Bath & Beyond sells this one by UGG online for $19.99 in sizes small, medium, and large. If you have a tiny tot like my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, you'll need to find something in XXS somewhere else. Bummer. 

UGG/Bed Bath & Beyond via

4. Small Space Heater

Train your dog to get up off the air vent and lay in front of their very own space heater. You don't have to drop a ton of money, either. This one by Honeywell is $15.99 at 

Honeywell via

5. Any Ol' Blanket

Let's be real...give any dog a blanket and they'll be so happy. My chihuahua has several blankets to nest in, and he always gets excited when I give him a new fuzzy one to swap out on laundry day. It could even be as simple as getting them a yard or two of fleece from a fabric store. 

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