Eight Haunted Minnesota Hotels That'll Keep You Up All Night

If you ever stay at any of these eight Minnesota hotels, be prepared to pull an all-nighter to keep the ghosts at bay, via Haunted Rooms

8. The Kahler Hotel in Rochester

The Kahler was the original location for the Mayo Clinic Hospital. Built in 1921, the Mayo Clinic eventually moved and the site became the Kahler Grand Hotel. It's said that former patients of the Mayo Clinic linger around The Kahler, with reports of strange smells, rapid temperature changes, and weird sounds throughout the hotel. 

The Kahler Hotel, Google Street View

7. The Water Street Inn in Stillwater

The Water Street Inn was pretty high tech for its time, since it housed lumber barons during the logging boom. It had an elevator, electricity, indoor plumbing, and modern heating. According to Haunted Rooms, the ghost that lurks around the hotel is a confederate soldier on a drunken bender who died in a room on the second floor. Guests have reported a foul body odor stench, believed to be his. 

The Water Street Inn, Google Street View

6. Old Jail Bed & Breakfast in Taylor Falls

The structures, built from 1851 to 1884, once served as a jail, bootleggers' hideout, funeral home, and housed other businesses. On the second and third floors of the larger structure, there have been multiple reports of a young ghost boy. On the third floor, people have seen a woman around the halls. 

Old Jail Bed & Breakfast, Google Street View

5. Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre

Built in 1901, this hotel is considered to be the most haunted hotel in all of Minnesota. Guests have reported inexplainable voices and rapid temperature changes, as well as children bouncing a ball or running up and down the hallway. Others have seen doors slamming shut on their own and have even seen apparitions around the hotel. 

Palmer House Hotel, Google Street View

4. Mrs. B's Bed and Breakfast Inn in Lanesboro

Several historical figures have stayed at Mrs. B's Bed and Breakfast including Buffalo Bill and Doc Powell. Rooms 1 and 5, the River Song and Garden, experience the most paranormal activity. Furniture in the rooms have been moved, and shadow figures have been seen sitting on the edge of the beds. Occasionally a young child bouncing a ball is seen in the Garden Room, and there's a woman sighing and sobbing in the dining room or main lobby. 

3. St. James Hotel in Red Wing

The St. James Hotel is also known to be one of the most haunted hotels in all of Minnesota, with guests being warned that there's a spirit known to slam doors and even attack guests at the hotel. One ghost is that of a man who fell to his death working on the hotel - he's been spotted wearing his work overalls. A woman in a white dress, crying babies, hushed whispers, and cold spots have also been reported. 

St. James Hotel, Google Street View

2. Chase on the Lake in Walker

The Chase Hotel was once used as a temporary morgue. Where the morgue was, there's now a bowling alley. Guests witness weird sounds, figures, and cold spots. 

Chase on the Lake, Google Street View

1. Calumet Historic Hotel in Pipestone

This hotel once served the many people who came into town by train, so with all those souls coming and going...it's no wonder this hotel is so haunted. The dining room piano has played without anyone near it, and a woman wearing a red dress and man dressed in period clothing are frequently seen wandering the halls. Someone calls the front desk from room 207 requesting items, but no one has even been checked into that particular room. Room 308 has a high volume of paranormal activity, as well, with reports of odd noises, moving objects, and lights turning on and off. 

Calumet Historic Hotel, Google Street View
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