Minnesotans Are Sporting Nose Warmers This Winter

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The latest winter trend is to wear a nose warmer. Are Minnesotans on board with it?

This is honestly the dumbest trend that I'll never take seriously. But...it's also kind of genius. 

I feel like my face is only ever warm when I breathe directly into my mittens and feel my warm breath bring my frozen hands, chin, lips, and nose back to life. Who's to say breathing into a knitted face mask for your nose wouldn't have the same affect? 

These nose warmers, sold by The Nose Warmer Company online for just under $10, come in a variety of textiles like fleece, faux fur, and wool, and even come in animal print and team colors. They're also patented, which means they must be pretty serious. 

My mom shared these with me after seeing them shared by CBS Philly. She's probably getting me one for Christmas. 

Would you wear one of these, or are they totally bogus? Learn more about them at nosewarmer.com


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