Chocolate Cake Kid From 'Matilda' is Now a Total Hottie


The boy who played the chocolate cake-eating boy in the film adaptation of Matilda doesn't look how you'd expect him to.

No 90s kid or parent can ever forget the scene above. Watching Brucey eat that entire chocolate cake with the evil Miss Trunchbull hovering over his shoulder was completely nerve-racking, but we were all rooting for him. 

Let's be real - even though this was fictional, we automatically assume Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda would grow up to be a pudgy adult. But the actor who played Bruce, Jimmy Karz, grew up to be a handsome, fit man. 


I'll be honest, he's not really my cup of tea. But he is really actually pretty good looking! 

According to his IMDB page, he also appeared alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer as the "Studliest Kid at Bar Mitzvah" in 1998 and as Alfred Clark on ER. He reappeared as Bruce Bogtrotter in Afternoon Tea, a Matilda Reunion in 2013. 

There aren't any other film credits listed on the page, but it's noted that as of 2014 he was attending Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I'd need to fact check that, but good for him! Based on his Facebook page, he loves running and having steaks with his homies. (I'm not going to link to his'll have to find it like I did. It's easy to locate.) 

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