MasterChef Holding Casting Call in Minneapolis

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MasterChef is holding a casting call in Minneapolis, where $250K and a cookbook are the grand prize. 

According to City Pages, the casting call is being held on September 8 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Hilton Minneapolis for the tenth season hosted by Gordon Ramsay. 

Producers are looking for "amateur cooks" with "fun personalities, a passion for cooking, and a solid foundation to build upon." They are not looking for executive chefs, but line cooks are definitely welcome. 

So if you have an incredibly unique story to tell (and also have a passion for cooking), you're going to want to sign up. Just make sure you have a professional headshot, too. Find more information on how to pre-register and apply here

I've never auditioned for MasterChef (and probably never will), but I have attended a casting call for The Bachelor and it was pretty fun. If anything, it's an interesting experience that you'll love to be a part of. 

Photo: Getty Images/Caiaimage, Paul Bradbury


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