Five Ways to Stay Warm at the Minnesota State Fair

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Lows have been dipping to the 50s and 60s during the Minnesota State Fair, leaving me scrambling for ways to get (and stay) warm. It's still summer, so I'm definitely not prepared for this chilly weather. I'm sure you're not, either. 

These are just several ideas I've thought of to stay warm on these chilly nights at the Great Minnesota Get-Together (if you don't have a jacket): 

  1. Eat anything you can, as long as it's hot. And when you run out, eat more. 
  2. Become Fairchild. The friendly gopher's suit is probably hell to wear in the heat, so it's sure to keep you toasty in the cold! 
  3. Cuddle up with your sweetie. (Or whomever?) 
  4. Get really drunk. There are 27 brand-new beers at the State Fair, from cake and caramel corn-flavored beer to Key Lime Pie and Juicy LuLuLucy beer. (Read more about the new beers at 
  5. Wear a long-sleeved Cities 97.1 shirt, which you can buy for $20 at our booth in Carousel Park next to the Grandstand. Preview them here. (Had to throw that out there!)

Photo: Getty Images/epantha


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