Here's The Punishment If You Willfully Disobey MN's "Stay at Home" Order

Minnesota's new "stay at home" ordinance goes into effect at 11:59pm on Friday, March 27th and will last until at least April 10th, 2020 depending on what happens with the spread of Coronavirus. Generally speaking, the order forces citizens to stay home unless their jobs are deemed essential, unless your getting groceries or traveling for health related support. (CLICK HERE for the full list of dos and don'ts under the new order.)

What's still a little unclear at the moment is how exactly the authorities will enforce these new rules? It's unlikely they stop everybody they see out and about.

The legislation did say though that if you were willfully disobeying the mandate you could receive up a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail! "We don’t want them to be arrested," Governor Walz said yesterday. "We want to educate people. This requires voluntary social compliance." The state does have the authority to arrest someone for breaking the ordinance, but Walz continued saying, "we have no desire to do that."

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