Petition Started To Give Canada A Chunk Of Minnesota


A petition was started to give a piece of Minnesota to Canada, and so far it's garnered at least 3,500 signatures.

The portion of Lake of the Woods County known as the Northwest Angle only exists due to a surveying error from 1783, where a 123-square-foot chunk of Minnesota lies on the Canadian side of the border (in Manitoba). An individual that goes by C.C. started a petition on to give this chunk of Minnesota to Canada, and it's already gained at least 3,500 signatures, according to Fortune

"Make America great by correcting this critical survey error," said C.C. 

With a population of 150, the Northwest Angle has a regional airport, post office, one-room schoolhouse, and several fishing resorts. The area is 80% water, but 70% of the land is part of the Red Lake Indian Reservation, belonging to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa. 

The only way to get to the Northwest Angle is to cross the border into Canada (meaning you'll need your passport). When you drive into the Northwest Angle, you need to use a videophone to announce to border control that you've arrived. 

The petition needs a total of 100,000 signatures to get a response from President Trump. 

Do you think we should give this piece of Minnesota to Canada?


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