Police Jail Woman Who Paid Bail With Cash Smelling "Like Marijuana"

posted by: Mike Daniels

A Louisiana woman was arrested on drug charges after paying bail for another inmate with cash that had a, "strong odor of marijuana," according to detectives at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's office.

After catching a whiff of the cash, a detective searched the woman's car and found nearly $40,000 inside, as well as about 100 Klonopin pills and a food stamp card that wasn’t registered to the woman, according to the sheriff’s statement.

A later investigation at Parfait's home uncovered hundreds of additional pills and cash as well as marijuana, cocaine and paraphernalia, news outlets reported. Four unattended children at the residence were turned over to a relative.

Stormy Lynn Parfait, 33, was charged with multiple counts of possession with intent to distribute drugs, four counts of illegal use of a controlled drug in the presence of persons under 17, taking contraband to or into a correctional institution and other related charges, authorities said in a statement released to local news outlets.

It’s unclear whether she has an attorney who can comment on her behalf.

photo: getty images