Woman In Quarantine Lets Her Dog Out In a Very Interesting Fashion

posted by: Mike Daniels

A woman in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, lets her dog out for a walk from her first floor balcony, before lifting the pooch back up into the home by its leash.

Belgrade quarantine restrictions require people over the age of 65 to stay in their homes due to the risk of them contracting COVID-19.

The video below shows an elderly woman standing on her balcony holding a long leash with her small dog on the ground below. After a time the woman reels the dog back up before going back into their home.

The video was shared to Facebook where it has been viewed thousands of times. Those behind the camera seem to be getting a giggle out of the situation and comments on the video range from - people feeling sad for the dog - to those that think the pooch is has happy to get out of confinement for a time.

Daily Mail reports new government measures that allow owners to take their pets out for 20 minutes between 8pm and 9pm. Previous orders required citizens over 65 to remain indoors from 10am until the end of the day.