There's A New Elbow Bump Emoji

posted by: Mike Daniels

photo: getty images

As we are learning how to navigate this new reality in the midst of COVID 19 awareness, people worldwide are learning new customs and forms of social acceptance. For now anyway, as time will only tell, handshakes are on the way out, high-fives and even fist bumps are being avoided, while the increasingly popular elbow bumps are in.

Although you likely haven't seen it yet, there already is a fist bump emoji, according to newser. The emoji, designed by artist Stephen Paul Wright, is available for download for use in text messages and emails. But it's not yet an official emoji approved by Unicode, which is the governing body of web text, meaning you won't find it on your phone's keyboard.

And you probably won't anytime soon, Wired notes. That's because, per Emojipedia creator Jeremy Burge, there's a long process with a lot of red tape for Unicode to finally accept an emoji, and by that time, an emoji representing something happening in current events may not be so current anymore. Still, Wright isn't too bummed about the transience of his creation: He doesn't have a Unicode proposal in the works, and he says that, with social distancing now the norm, the elbow bump may already be irrelevant. "I don't know if the CDC would approve it," he says reports newser.

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