The Moon, Venus And Jupiter Will Align to Form a Smiley Face This May

posted by: Mike Daniels

This rare celestial phenomenon has actually occurred a number of times in recent history, but the rareness in this phenomenon comes in how hard it can be to spot.

The event is called an occultation, and happens when one object passes in front of another from an observer's perspective. A conjunction occurs when planets align in the sky. Because of the positioning required, only parts of the earth will be able to view the event.

One occurred in the skies over Asia in 2007, another in December 2008 which was visible from Australia and again in North America in 2012. Adding to the complexity of sightings, these events are visible only in the evening sky for a short period after sunset according to ABS-CBN news.

Something similar happened in May 2010. See the video below.

The next one is set to occur over North America, May 16, 2020

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