Family Accidentally Buys 12 Years Worth of Toilet Paper

posted by: Mike Daniels

In case you're wondering, that is 2,304 rolls of TP!

Haidee Janetzki, of Toowoomba Australia, says she made an error when ordering the TP online from the company Who Gives a Crap. "It asked for the quantity and I wrote 48 thinking I want a box with 48 rolls in it," she tells an Australian broadcasting company. "A couple of days later, I got an email saying the order was on the way, and that was all good."

The order was placed back in February before threats of the coronavirus threatened the country, and before people worldwide starting stock piling their bathroom tissue.

The mistake was simple enough, Janetzki says she though she purchased a box with 48 rolls, but instead ordered 48 boxes. All totaled, 2,304 rolls of TP were in the Janetzki's possession with the question of what to do with their newly acquired toilet paper wealth.

Rather than hoarding, the family is offering some of the TP in a fundraising drive for their daughter's school, so the children can visit Canberra and Sydney later in 2020.

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