Jimmy Fallon Sings Adorable "Wash Your Hands" Song With Two Daughters

posted by: Mike Daniels

Jimmy Fallon took to Instagram Monday to share a sweet new song he made for his daughters on the importance of washing your hands.

The song features Fallon playing the guitar in his bathroom mirror before quickly panning to his two daughters. The song stresses the importance of not only washing your hands, but also offers a reminder to not touch your face.

"Wash your hands, Wash your hands, do not... touch your face. If you wash your hands, and do not touch your face; the world will be a better place."

The late night star also challenged people to come up with their own hand washing song to curb the outdated - sing "Happy Birthday" twice version.

Speaking of the song; "You know for what it is, it's perfect, said Fallon. For this, I feel like we can top this. Let's try to think of a new 20-second song. The 'wash your hands song challenge.' A 20-second song about washing your hands."

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