Empty Aquarium Lets Penguins Out To Stroll Around

posted by: Mike Daniels

A good laugh, a feel good story, or just about anything to put a smile on our faces is something we all need right now. These are unprecedented times in our communities and our world, and as we are learning daily how to cope with the outbreak of the corona virus, it's nice to be able to take in something to make you feel good or put a smile on your face.

Going forward, I will be posting a Daily Silver Lining - Something simple with the intention of putting a smile on peoples' faces. Make sure to check back tomorrow for another feel good story, or trending topic of good news.

First up; this story of an aquarium in Chicago that let its penguins out of their enclosures to wander around and explore a bit is trending on youtube right now. Their curiosity is too cute and I hope to find more videos like this.

According to CNN, with the museum closed for the near future, the penguins care takers let them out to take a rare stroll around on what they're calling a "field trip" to visit the other animals.

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