"Don't Call 9-1-1 Just Because You Ran Out Of TP" Says Oregon Police Dept.

posted by: Mike Daniels

"Don't call 9-1-1 just because you ran out of toilet paper," says Newport Oregon Police Department

They shouldn't even have to be making that announcement the department said in a facebook post.

Obviously police and other emergency services have a lot on their plate right now amid the outbreak of the corona virus, and instead of calling 9-1-1, the post offers other alternatives should the need arise.

no toilet paper

no toilet paper

"Mayans used corn cobs. Colonial Americans also used the core of the cob," the post said. "Farmers not only used corn cobs, but used pages from the Farmers Almanac." The Sears catalog used to get a second use, too, police said.

Joking aside, it's important to remember that non-flushable baby wipes and paper towels can clog septic systems, causing thousands of dollars in damages to a home's septic system per CBS.

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