Ms. Monopoly: New Version Of Monopoly Gives Women An Edge

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The new version of the popular board game Monopoly, has a twist: female players have a built in edge. Examples include: women start the game with $1900 from the bank, while males start with $1500. When passing GO, women will receive $240 opposed to the $200 men will get. And instead of purchasing real estate, players will put their money into inventions that were created by women such as, the bulletproof vest, chocolate chip cookies and solar heating. All of this is meant to call attention to the age gap that exists in the real world, Hasbro tells NBC News.

The character of Ms. Monopoly on the front of the box, Hasbro says she is the niece of the usual Monopoly mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags.

“It’s a way that families can talk about what is happening around them, and it’s an easy way to explain to their kids, boys or girls, what has maybe happened to them over the years and what they’ve been experiencing,” a Hasbro marketing exec tells USA Today. There is plenty of backlash though as one might suspect. One comment emerging in tweets is criticism of the company for suggesting that women need assistance to win. "So Ms. Monopoly is teaching girls that they need help? That they can't be as good as men unless they have help? Really @Hasbro?"

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