Tricks To Keep Your House Warm And Save $ During This Deep Freeze

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It's easy to warm our homes up with just a push of a button, I mean if it were me I'd crank it up to 76 and leave it there until March. But I don't want to deal with that heating bill. However, as most of Minnesota is experiencing record breaking low temps it's important to stay warm. Here are just a few tricks and hints to maintain that heat and keep your energy bill down.

1. Keep The Curtains Closed

It may be a bit depressing sitting in a gloomy house, especially when it's already cloudy, but if you're out during the day then you should keep your curtains and blinds closed to add another obstacle for the cold to overcome.

The exception to this, as Today's Home Owner explains, is when the windows are in direct sunlight, in which case you should throw them open and take advantage of the greenhouse effect through your windows.

(FUN FACT-This works very well! I sleep with the head of my bed facing a window and Monday night I could feel the draft so much it was keeping me awake. I closed the curtains and instantly noticed a difference)

2. Keep Your Vents and Radiators Clear

If you have furniture in front of your forced air vent or radiators, move them.

If you block them then it just means your heating system will have to work harder to get the temperature up in your house – costing you more in the process.

3. Close Off Rooms That Aren't Regularly Occupied

Got a room you don't use too much? Close the doors and vents in there for the winter, Common Sense Home notes, there's no sense heating it if you're not using it. That said, might be best not to do this in a room with plumbing in case the pipes freeze.

4. Make Use Of Other Home Heating Sources

If you're baking something, leave the oven cracked when you're done so the heat enters your home as it cools down. Same goes if you run a bath, don't drain the water immediately when it's finished, wait for it to cool first. -Personally I like to leave the door open when I use the clothes dryer. May be a bit loud but you'd be surprised how much it heats up a space-

5. Cozy Up A Bit

Rather than cranking the thermostat up, keep it a few degrees cooler and throw on some warm clothes. Reducing your thermostat a single degree can save you up to 10 percent on your heating bill says Make use of blankets whenever you sit down, and throw any unused rugs onto the floor to provide extra warmth.

6. Have You Heard Of The Ceiling Fan Trick?

Xcel Energy points out, if you have a ceiling fan in your rooms, run it clockwise, that way it pushes down the warm air at the top of the room. Also, if your house has fireplaces, make sure the dampers are closed when they're not in use.

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