Black Panther Has Strikingly Similar Plot Points To This Disney Film

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Black Panther, the latest Marvel comic to hit the silver screen is absolutely killing it at the box office. Since it's February 16th release, it has grossed over 786 million dollars. I saw the movie with my sister this past Monday (we made the most of her snow day off from school) We both loved it, I went into it not knowing anything of the character Black Panther. This is my approach to most comic book movies, as I never really read them growing up. I don't let this stop me from enjoying the ride though. 

This movie has great action sequences, a compelling story with lots of twists and turns and of course the characters, OOHHH the characters! As we were picking apart our favorite scenes and lines from the movie my sister made one point that really took me off guard.


The movie has some striking similarities to Disney's The Lion King!

Now stay with me here as we break this down...

(Black Panther) King T'Challa's father dies in an accident that he is blamed for. Just like Simba's Father

The "outsider" scar or in the case of this movie "Erik" comes in to challenge his authority. They battle and the king "dies" leaving scar in charge but simba (King T'Challa) really just disappears to a far off place.

Pride Rock or "Wakanda" starts to fail and the moral of the people start to suffer with the new king. Nala, Simba's lady goes off to find Simba still alive. Just like when Nakia goes to find King T'Challa and discovers he's still alive.

Simba returns to Pride Rock and challenges Scar for the throne.

Simba, "King T'Challa" wins and peace is restored.

I went a little out of order but still... it's all there! Now go see the movie again having heard all this, total mind blower right?!

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