Return of The Water Bed Expected This Year!?

I'm flooded with memories of growing up and my parents telling me, if I wanted to jump on the bed, then I should go jump on my bed. I didn't really understand why my parents bed was in danger of "popping." Every once in a while the garden hose would be thrown up on the roof of the house and pulled through the window of my parents bedroom to fill up/ or drain the bed. Ah yes the joys of owning a waterbed. They were all the rage in the 70's and it seemed as quickly as they rose in popularity, it was just as quick to fall off the face of the earth. Seriously who do you know who still has one of these things? Do they still read the newspaper? Okay that makes sense.

Okay back on track here, the inventor of the waterbed, 71 year old Charlie Hall sees a real market with his product. Millennials. In an interview with Seattle Times Hall Says, “I don’t think a millennial has ever seen one,” he is betting that a slew of improvements including temperature control, calmer waves, etc.—will once again make the beds a must-have for the younger generation when they hit the market later this year. 

Yes that's right, we can expect to see it later this year already. “I think that some people will have a memory of it and want to revisit it just because they remember waterbeds and want to see how different they are,” says Hall. “And then there’ll be a generation, it’ll be a total novelty for them.” Both stories recount the colorful history and risque marketing that helped make the original waterbeds popular 50 years ago. Consider that the first one was called "The Pleasure Pit," and came with a not-too-subtle slogan: “Two things are better on a waterbed, and one of them is sleeping.” 

No specific release time set however, those looking to indulge can expect to pay upwards of $2000

Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels

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