Real Life Message In A Bottle Discovered: Beautiful Message Is Priceless

Until today I thought things like this only happened in our dreams, or in Disney movies. But buried up to it's neck in the sands of a gulf coast, was found a real life message in a bottle. It's founder, who thankfully for us is also an Instagram user, decided to post his findings.

Due to it's time at sea, the bottle was rather tough to get open. But after finally getting there, sure enough inside was a tightly rolled letter.

The note dated from nearly a decade ago was written by a sea merchant traveling from Houston to Venezuela. The Instagram user that found it was able to translate it from French to English.

"My name is Jean-Paul Sundstrom, I am a marine boat worker aboard a commerce ship that routes from Houston(USA) to Puerto Jose (Venezuela)."

"To all of you I hope you can live a life in a better world, without war, without misery, where everyone will eat with their family."

"Refuse all forms of enslavement, conserve your dignity, listen to your heart, this only will guide you to happiness."

"A life accomplished is a life lived in accordance with your values Acting as you please, giving all that you have in everything you do, staying in harmony with who you are, and if possible, a life in which you can surpass yourself. To become something more than yourself. To give something back to humanity, even something humble, even if it is small." 

"It is in the heart that beautiful projects are born, and from those projects, we gather the most beautiful memories."

"God Protect you,

To my son, Kevin"

Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels

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