We Just Found Out all Skittles Taste The Same & I Refuse to Believe It

Recently some disturbing news regarding one of my favorite candies came to light, and I just don't want to believe it. A neuropsychologist at Brandeis University stated that despite the colors of Skittles, they all have the same flavor. Apparently the same is true of Froot Loops and other gummy candies.

Don Katz is a neuropsychologist that specializes in taste and explained why people think Skittles taste different. 

He states: “I have a colleague in the U.K., Charles Spence, who did the most wonderful experiment. He took normal college students and gave them a row of clear beverages in clear glass bottles. The beverages had fruit flavorings. One was orange, one was grape, apple, lemon.”

“While I wouldn’t say they went to chance, their ability to tell which was which got really subpar all of the sudden. The orange beverage tasted orange [to them]. The yellow beverage tasted like lemonade. There wasn’t a thing they could do about it,” Katz says.

But why? The good people at Skittles, who apparently are smarter than all of us found that it is much simpler to make things look and smell different, rather than taste different. 

Don Katz the neuropsychologist conducting this study concludes all Skittles taste exactly the same but just posses different scents and colors.

Katz explains that our brain processes several cues together. He says, “Our brains associate the color yellow, a lemon smell and a slightly acidic taste with each other. When you’re offered two of these three sensory cues, your brain will fill in the blanks.”

Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels

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