Live at the Lake TODAY!!! Need help getting out of work?

It's the last one of the season! Join us from 3pm-6pm at PD Pappy's in Stillwater, Michelob Golden Light providing the cold drinks and Alternate Routes bringing the tunes!!

Need more details go HERE 

Or if you need help getting out a work a smidge early, well; put out a list of the top 10 best and worst excuses to get out of work early. I'm going to be re-posting this each week and it's my goal to add to the list each week.

Although I don't condone straight up lying... even if it's worth it for something like this... maybe this will at least get you started.

1. YOU'VE EARNED IT! You work hard right? You do your job. You deserve a little break.

2. I'M MEETING A CLIENT Maybe you have a job that takes you out of the office for various reasons... maybe your client needed to reschedule.

3. I HAVE A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT because they can be sometimes personal in nature, Dr's appointments rarely raise many questions.

4. I HAVE CRAMPS Ladies have you used this before? Another topic personal in nature that won't draw much attention.

5. WORKING FROM HOME Some of us have jobs where this is a possibility

6. DEATH IN THE FAMILY (be careful with this one) It's still on the list though so I have to include it, use with caution however

7. TOO SLEEPY Maybe Memorial Weekend took a lot out of you and you're still not recovered yet

8. I CAN'T GET MY CAR OUT OF THE GARAGE you might be reaching a little bit with this one

9. PERSONAL EMERGENCY IF you have kids this is a good one to use. Just think of how much you do for your kids, it's time for a little pay-back


11. Jury Duty... about time it does something for us for a change right?

12. END OF THE DAY MEETING: Use the opportunity to sneak out early!

13. SPECIAL DELIVERY: Couch being delivered or large appliance that you need to be home for

14. FORGOT YOU'RE HELPING A FRIEND MOVE: Remember the keyword "forgot"

15. TELL YOUR BOSS IT'S LIVE AT THE LAKE: Seriously, what more do they need! Bonus points if you invite your boss to go with!

16. PET EMERGENCY: Insert Fido's issue here


18. WENT OUTSIDE TO ENJOY LUNCH UNDER A TREE AND GOT SPRAYED BY A SKUNK: Trust me, this one will work... no one would blame you.

19. GOT STUCK IN THE RAIN: This one would be pretty feasible actually, especially today!

20. IT'S THE LAST ONE OF THE SEASON COME ON, PLEEEEASSE!!: Seriously only the hardest of bosses could resist that

As stated above, use these suggestions with caution. It doesn't matter how you do it just come and join us today at Maynard's in Excelsior for Live at the Lake it's going to be a blast!!

Keep in mind this is a FREE EVENT!!!

Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels

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