Doing Good: Woman reunited with lost wallet from almost 50 years ago!


Photo: Getty Images

PHoto: Getty Images

Back in 1975, Colleen Distin from Ventura, California, was in her early 20s and went to see a movie. While she was at the theater, her wallet dropped out of a hole in her purse.That wallet was never recovered ... until now.An employee was remodeling the historic theater and found the wallet in a crawl space. While the wallet did not contain any money, it did have a Grateful Dead concert ticket from 1973, old photos and Colleen’s driver’s license that expired in 1976.The employee -- Tom Stevens -- posted a message on social media about the wallet and, sure enough, just a few hours later, Colleen was told that her old wallet had been found.After the wallet had actually been returned to Colleen, she admitted that it was “very emotional” to see those things from her past, but also “excited” for the mystery of her lost wallet to be solved, thanks to thoughtful strangers.

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