Every Season of American Horror Story, Ranked

First of all, I should clarify: These will be rankings of all seasons EXCEPT the current one: Apocalypse. It's not finished yet, so let's just base our decisions off of all the seasons that are complete.

7. Hotel

While I truly think Lady Gaga did a fantastic job, this season just has WAY too much going on and is way too over the top with its gore, sexuality and nearly everything else (Drill monster was WAY over the line).  With the exception of Kathy Bates, this season could have been a complete dud.

6. Coven

While it seemed like it was off to a good start, it seems like the writers just forgot where it was going and had way too many characters to deal with.  Following Asylum, I think they just got over ambitious in creating storylines and characters.

5. Cult

I actually found myself really enjoying this season and getting into the deep web that Kai spun, but I really felt the only thing that was missing was a heartfelt moment.  Almost all of the seasons had a character that you felt drawn too, or had that deep moment that gave you some sort of strong feeling. Overall, the season was good, not great.

4. Roanoke

I totally thought this season would flop from the beginning, but the twist after Episode 5 when they pull out the rug from under us and introduce a whole new show was amazing.  The finale episode felt HUGELY creative, but still left way too many questions unanswered.

3. Freak Show

This season was the perfect send-off for Jessica Lange.  Adding true like medical anomalies made the whole story feel real and gave it an element of legitimacy that I wasn't expecting.  The show felt like it did a good job of keeping up with all the storylines, and the finale felt like it tied everything together really well....and let's admit it, we all shed a tear for Pepper...

2. Murder House

The first season is still one of the most amazing.  The deep storytelling of the relationship of the couple struggling with their relationship while living in the Murder House, the slow burn of figuring out the history of the house, how they started each episode with a retelling of what happened in the house throughout time since it was built, this season is perfectly bingeworthy

1. Asylum

I don't see how anyone could see any other season being the best.  The villians were absolutely hateable, Jessica Lange makes you question everything you know about being a villian, the finale is absolutely perfect on every emotional level, and the feeling of dread and claustrophobia that the creators made created a perfect story that left me unable to stop watching.

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