What Drives Your Partner Insane About You Based on your Meyers-Briggs

If you haven't taken your Meyers-Briggs: GET ON THAT.  If you have, here is how you drive your GF/BF/Husband/Wife INSANE:

ENFP: Always just wants to go out and do something crazy, and you know they'll go and do it without you if you don't want to go.

INFP:  Will see a video on Facebook of an old couple kissing and will cry asking you why your relationship isn't just like that.

INTP: Sits quietly in deep thought as you constantly throw them obvious clues you're upset, finally ending with you telling them you're upset.  They still don't realize you're upset.

ENTP: Makes a huge fun plan to do together and then gets distracted by something else and pretty much forgets about you, but then comes back with a new fun plan right after.

ESFP: Texts you funny things they found online all day while you're at work.  All. Day.

ISFP: Will be a constant struggle to get to know as you might find they constantly want to talk about you instead of themselves

ESTP: Sometimes you feel like their parent and you constantly need to get their attention before they run off and do something crazy

ISTP: Will literally ghost you and then come back and act like nothing is wrong

INFJ: Will sit for days, months, years and tell you everything is fine and then one day list everything that is wrong with you, the country, and the world.

ENFJ: Will try to inspire you to go to the gym or go for a run or just go out and have fun when you just want to sit and watch TV

INTJ: Wants to bring every argument you've had to a scientific lab for research so it can be analyzed and studied for years to come. 

ENTJ: Literally a robot who wants you to conform to their life and not question why.

ISFJ: Could literally win awards for sweeping issues under the rug and then bringing them up all at the same time in one fight.

ESFJ: Will expect you to get married after the first date.  Will probably have bridal party picked out and is already stressed about the wedding.

ISTJ: Literally so responsible that there is nothing you could possibly do better than them and yes, they will remind you of how you're doing it wrong.

ESTJ: Comes to the relationship with a formulated list of the most effective ways to be in a relationship, and won't be shy to tell you how the relationship will work

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