Cheating Spouses Reveal HOW They Get Away With Affairs

Ashley Madison, a dating website for people looking to have an affair, has conducted research about when and how cheaters pull off their affairs.  Here are the main points you need to know if you think your spouse might be cheating:

1. They communicate during work hours

Cheaters know when they'll for sure be alone and work hours are the perfect time to secretly text and call. 

2. They're communicating via text

While its easy to joke about people communicating through DM's, the study found that texting is the most common form of communication for cheating.

3. They're contacting THEM just as much as YOU

47 percent of cheaters said they are in touch with the person they are cheating with one or two times a day, while 42 per cent contact their spouse once or twice daily also.

4. They stop everything when YOU call, but not when their lover calls.

More than half of cheaters stop a work meeting or other activity to answer calls or message from their spouse, while 73 per cent said they would not do the same for their affair partner.

5. They meet late at night.

21 per cent of those surveyed reporting they don't see their affair partner until after 9pm, with all other common times being late at night/

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