How Your Kids Are Getting Around Parental Controls Without You Knowing

Sorry parents, but this might be hard to hear: Your kids are smart, and they might be outsmarting out when it comes to devices.

Using apps and "Screen Time" features on iPads and other devices can only do so much...many kids are finding very easy ways around these that you may not even think of, and a Reddit thread is exposing all of them:

1. Deleting Apps

If you use a screen time feature, the app controls how long a certain app is used, a simple way around this that kids are using is to simple delete the app and redownload it.  Doing this allows the timer to not detect the new app and give the child unlimited access.

2. Watching YouTube Through Other Apps

Kids are OBSESSED with YouTube, but once that timer runs out, one thing that kids will do is copy the link and text it on the Messages app, which allows them to watch the videos there instead of through YouTube.  This works with many other messaging apps as well.

3. Password Skimmers

Yes, many parents report that their YOUNG kids are finding apps that do what's called "Password Skimming".  Basically, the app looks for when the phone is looking for login information and saves your passwords to give directly to the child.  Once they have your passwords they can turn off the parental controls.

4. Winding the Clock

If you use a program that restricts their use by time of day, it is VERY simple to change the current time on iPhones and iPads, once they update it, the device is theirs.

The best solution is just to keep a closer eye open and be involved in their screen use

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