MARRIED Tinder User Busted for What Was In The Background Of Photo

Hey dating app users, here’s some friendly advice: If you’re looking to hookup, maybe skip mentioning that you’re planning to cheat on your wife and don’t include a photo of your baby’s bassinet in the background. Those “goodies” probably aren’t going to inspire many to swipe right.

We mention that because that’s what some jerk identified as “P” did. To be fair, he’s up front. His Tinder bio leads with “Married.” He then goes on to say that he’s “home alone tonight, looking for someone to call in to share a bottle of wine, beer, and more” with. Sounds shady, right? Well, Twitter user @Dizzydub1 thought so too, so she called him out and shared a screenshot of his profile.

The profile pic doesn’t include his head, because he says that’s “too risky” (duh) but in the background you can see one of those Moses baskets that babies sleep in. EXTRA douchebag points, sir! The Twitterverse agreed.

“Out of shape father seeks escape own life choices,” one tweeted. Another pointed outthat “His partner is bound to recognize her dress hanging up in the background.” And one usertweets what we’re all thinking, “He’s obviously as thick as he is sleazy … who in their right mind would invite a random into their marital home.”

So if you’re looking for love - or a good time - on dating sites…stay away from profiles like this one and certainly don’t be this person.

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