Minnesota Women Discover They Were SWITCHED at Birth After 23andMe Test

Linda Jourdeans and Denice Juneski always felt that they didn't quite 'fit' in their families.

Denice was a blonde in a sea of brunettes and redheads among her relatives. Linda was the sole ginger in a pack of blondes in her family pictures.

And while Linda played softball into her fifties, Denice was the only one among her siblings who didn't excel at sports.

Small, harmless differences, but the reason behind them would turn out to be huge: The women had been switched at birth, only to find out they had been living with each other's families when they were 72.

It was Denice who first submitted her DNA to 23andMe, hoping to simply find out more about her family's health history.

The genealogy website not only provides you with genetic information about yourself, but can also reveal who your closest relatives are if you so desire.  

So Denice was shocked when, a few weeks later, the results arrived - and revealed her DNA didn't match any of the people she thought had been family all her life.

Denice, who lives in Eagan, Minnesota, decided to take the test a second time, but the results were the same. 

The mystery began to unfurl when Denice's name popped up as a close relative on the 23andMe report submitted by Linda's niece, who was 40 miles away in Hammond, Wisconsin. 

Both women's families are now planning a massive reunion to meet each other and bond over their unlikely - and incredible - connection.

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