...But Is It Good?: Producer Brent's Review of Ocean's 8

Honestly, going into the movie I was expecting it to be terrible. Usually I hate reboots and after the disaster of the all-female Ghostbusters, it was hard to have high expectations.  Before I get to my thoughts, I'll tell you as much as I'm allowed without any spoilers. 

The movie takes place AFTER the death of Danny Ocean, with his sister, Debbie Ocean, asking to be let out of prison after over 5 years.  Upon her release, she wastes NO time, gathering her connections to pull off the biggest jewelry heist of all time: Stealing the Toussaint diamond necklace, valued at $150,000,000. 

This movie is WAY better than I was expecting.  The story was incredible, the cast is amazing, and the movie is actually FUNNY.  Rihanna steals the show as the tough hacker 9-Ball, Awkwafina is hysterical as a street pickpocket pulling off a huge heist, and the big names command the screen from start to finish.

It's been a long time since I've been in a theater that had audible gasps during the twists in the heist.  The feel of the movie fits well with the other Ocean's movies, with a high intensity heist that actually made me anxious, and of COURSE, as with the Ocean franchise, there are twists that you would NEVER see coming.

The other thing I have to mention is there are a HUGE number of cameos that flat out shocked me.  I don't want to ruin too much, but don't be surprised if you see some members of the Kardashian family, famous athletes, actors, models, designers and other big names you'd never expect to all be on the screen together. 

This movie is up there in quality with all of the other Ocean's movies, and is 100% worth seeing in theaters this weekend.  If I had to rate it, I'd give it an 8.75/10

-Producer Brent

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