This Mom Still Breast Feeds Her 5 Year Old Twice A Day!

A UK mom is still breastfeeding her fiver-year-old and two-year-old twice a day. Emma Shardlow Hudson likes to feed her eldest daughter Alex and son Ollie before and after school, sometimes at the same time. Even though Britain’s National Health Service suggests only breastfeeding up to six-months-old, she insists it's what's keeping her kids healthy.


Emma typically breastfeeds Alex once before school and once in the evening and swears by her own milk. She believes the antibodies in her milk is what’s keeping Alex from getting colds. “When she started nursery [school] there were quite a few bugs going around and she had nothing in comparison to her classmates,” Emma says. “My kids are rarely ill and I’m almost 100 percent positive that that is because of the antibodies in the milk…It’s one of the biggest achievements of my life for sure, being able to nurture a child with my own body.”

Emma says her husband Stuart is totally on board with her choice to breastfeed at this age. “So long as everyone is happy,” he’s okay with it and agrees with Emma about the benefits. Though she gets negative comments from people in public about her breastfeeding, she says she gets more nice comments than bad ones. While five-years-old may seem like a bit to old to be nursing, Emma admits that Alex will soon grow out of it.

“Quite a lot of children have weaned by this point, but Alex has always been a massive comfort feeder,” Emma offers. “She’s continuous because it’s not just for the milk — but I do think she’ll stop soon, she’s heading that way.”

(The Sun)

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