Amazon Delivery Robots. Ummmm No Thanks

Ok. I'm going to try and be fair about these. Lets take a look at the positives.

  1. Are you sick and want some soup/medicine? Great call.
  2. Are you elderly and can't drive? Excellent innovation.
  3. Disability that would be better served by having Amazon stuff come to you? All about it.
  4. Hungover?* Big asterisk there, its better to get up an moving. Go get hashbrowns and think about what you've done.
  5. Potential for me to ride one to a buddies house.

Soooooo that's about it. Here's what's wrong with it.

  1. Limited in size, how much stuff can actually fit in there. 
  2. How is it going to be more cost effective to have a robot drive to my house from the distribution center. 
  3. What if the rover encounters a rough patch of sidewalk
  4. Can it understand traffic signals?
  5. What if it goes to an uncontrolled intersection and gets hit by a car?
  6. What if it gets knocked over. Who's job is it to set it upright
  7. What if I live on a busy street? Will it just run into pedestrians? Or is it so passive to not hit people that I'll never get my stuff?
  8. If I order chocolate on a hot day will it melt or is this temperature controlled?
  9. What's the "ramming speed" on one of these bad boys? Will it take me out?
  10. What if I'm wearing head to toe camo and blend in perfectly with my surrounding. Will it still see me and stop? Oh so it has thermal vision? Like the Predator in the movie Predator? I'm gonna have to cover myself in mud to avoid these things. 
  11. Winter Delivery: Not available
  12. We will soon have no excuse to ever leave our house. Just stream things on amazon prime and have all of our meals delivered then go back to streaming our shows. 


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