What's That Noise - Sound 3

Day 1 11/02

Shuffling a deck of cards

Rolling Dice

Putting coin into gumball machine and turning the handle

Coins dropping into a vending machine

Popping the globe in the middle of the game Trouble

Day 2 11/03

Putting a coin in a payphone

Bucks antlers rubbing together

Putting a coin in an old fashioned jukebox

Office metered mail machine printing postage

Ice falling into a glass

Day 3 11/06

Buying a gumball

The roulette ball dropping into its slot

Gumball falling down a quarter dispenser

5 dice being dropped into a plastic cup

Ice cubes falling into a beverage container

Day 4 11/07

Pulling down a lever on a slot machine

A pinball being pulled back in a pinball machine

The flipper on a pinball machine

Putting quarters in a pool table or washer at laundromat

empty can being dropped on to a hard surface

Day 5 11/08

Dropping the Connect Four pieces out of the game

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, the hippos grabbing the ball and pulling it back

Spinning a prize wheel

A cash register

Someone going through a turnstyle

Day 6 11/09

Turning of a toy machine with a bubble that comes out

Squeezing an empty water bottle

Popping the bubble in the middle of the game Trouble

Change coming out of the machine

Dropping coins into a piggy bank

Day 7 11/10

Crushing an aluminum can

Pushing on an ice machine, and ice falling

Ticket dispenser in a parking ramp

Day 8 11/13

Throwing Checkers on a checker board

Spinning a new years noise maker

Rolling of dice

Scoring a goal in air hockey

Pinball going up in a pinball machine

Day 9 11/14

Pushing the button on the Trouble Game

Coin falling down a coin return

Tokens falling from a machine

Roulette ball going on the wheel

Dropping dice into a Yahtzee cup

Day 10 11/15

Putting a coin in a piggy bank

Rolling a cage with Bingo Balls

Dropping a marble....lettin' one loose on a Mouse Trap game

Dropping pencils into a cup

Opening a plastic container you get desserts in

Day 11 11/16

Putting a lottery ball into the tube

Dominoes falling down

The mouse trap game where ball drops into bath tub

rotary dial phone doing one number then returning

Opening the cap on a spray can and shaking it

Day 12 11/17

A foosball dropping into the goal

Rolling Dice

Card shuffler as it's shuffling the cards

Tapping fingernails on a  surface

Day 13 11/20

Dropping Golf Tees into a Bucket

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