What's That Noise - Sound 1

Day 1 - 9/5




Grill Ignitor

Loud lip smackin

Day 2 - 9/6

Swatting a Fly

Clipping the snap on a Clipboard

Using a Staple Gun

Using a Nail Gun

Bubble Wrap

Day 3 9/7

Slapping Window Blinds

Playing Ping Pong

Retracting 3 Ring Binder

Typing on a Typewriter

Snapping of 3 Ring Binder

Day 4 9/8

Dispensing Breath Mints

Opening and Closing a Door Latch

Hands Clapping

A Ketchup Bottle

Shaking a Cup of Dice

Day 5 9/11

Knocking on a Door with a Door Knocker

Snapping a Stapler

Sticker Pricing Gun in Action

Turning the Handle on a Gumball Machine

Pens or Pencils going in and out of Holder

Day 6 9/12

Closing a Gate

Shooting a Paintball Gun

A Pinball fFipper

Screwing your Gas Cap on

2 Drum Sticks Smacked Against each other

Day 7 9/13

Using a Nail Gun

Opening and Closing Shutters

Wracking Pool Balls

Punching in on a Time Clock

Hockey Sticks Tapping the Ice

Day 8 9/14

Punching Holes with a Hole Puncher

Banging of a Door Knocker

Dead Bolt being Locked & Unlocked

Shooting a B.B. Gun

Bamboo Sticks being slapped together

Day 9 9/15

Popping Bubble Wrap

The finger snapping noise in the background of Justin Timberlake's Cant Stop the Feeling

Steel ball pendulum swinging

Using the keys on a typewriter

Using a keyboard to make fake clapping sounds

Day 10 9/18

Clicking your tongue on your mouth

A container of credit cards sliding and then coming to a halt

Old manual credit card machine sliding

Shooting a cap gun

Opening a child proof pill bottle

Day 11 9/19

Shaking a box of mints

Those balls on strings that swing and hit each other

Copy Machine

Banging a deck of cards on the tables

Lapping keys on a computer keyboard

Day 12 9/20

Banging together Indian Pins

Using a staple and nail gun

Plastic jump rope skipping 3 times

2 shoes or flip flops slapping together

Electronic stapler being used

Day 13 9/21

Plastic markers hitting a plastic container

Group of beads sliding inside an abacus


Snaps on a snapback hat

Chips falling playing Connect 4

Day 14 9/22

Snapping a Snap Bracelet

Peg being hammered into a hole

Ice cube trays smacking together

Playing checkers

Electronic clapping like in music

Day 15 9/25

Shaking a box of legos

Racking Pool Balls

A round of slow claps

Shuffling cards on a table

An electric keyboard

Day 16 9/26

Putting a cassette into a tape play

Shaking a cassette

Starting & stopping a cassette

Symphony conductor tapping stick

Closing a cassette tape case

Day 17 9/27

Shaking Dice

Ticking of a metrenome

Knocking over dominos

Closing DVD case

Ejecting a cassette from the player

Day 18 9/28

Popping bubble wrap

Tapping a cassette against your hand

2 cassettes being slapped together

Shaking a cassette tape in it's case

Rewinding a cassette tape

Day 19 9/29

Slapping a cassette tape against a desk

Putting a cassette in a cassette player and closing it three times

Cassette tape case slapping on a table 3 times

Stacking cassette tapes in their cases

Taking a cassette out of the player and into it's case.

Day 20 10/2

A VHS tape being pulled out of a VCR

Pulling a cassette out of the case

Ejecting a cassette from the player

Unwinding it, dragging, pulling out the tape out of a cassette!

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