Ultra Aggressive Gnat Species Feasting On Necks

I learned, this weekend, about these overly aggressive gnats from a friend after her daughter's neck was attacked at her daycare in Hastings, MN. The attack was described as "quick, painful, and vicious." The gnats seem to particularly like the back of the neck, near the hairline, as seen in the photo of her young daughter.

FOX9.com reported that, "The aggressive biters have free reign right now because the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District doesn’t have a permit from the DNR to treat this particular species yet."

My friend suggests wearing a ponytail as she believes the attack was worse because the gnats were caught in the hair and just continued biting.

Luckily, it seems the gnat season will be quite short. It should only last 2-3 weeks.

See the full FOX9 story here.

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