Brothers Request Perms In Quarantine; Grandma Grants Their Request

"Kids have a mind of their own," my friend Lindsay said, while explaining how her 2 boys ended up with perms this week.

"Ayden had a hair appointment at Parlour 9 in March, but it got cancelled when they closed for COVID-19. As his hair started getting long, he asked me if he could have a perm. I totally thought he would stop asking, but when I dropped him of at his Nana's yesterday, he asked her for one. When the boys ask Nana they almost always get what they want. When they got dropped off today, I got a HUGE surprise!! I just laughed and said, you guys look like mini Justin Timberlakes."

I guess it's true that Grandma can't say "no".

Honestly, I think they look adorable and have likely started a quarantine trend.

I hope this story brings you as much joy and laughter as it did to me.

Perms for brothers

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