Therapist Advice to Stop Worrying Over Pandemic Weight Gains

Therapist Advice to Stop Worrying Over Pandemic Weight Gains

Similar to the “freshman 15,” many Americans are concerned about weight gained during the pandemic, aka the “COVID 15.” According to a study by Gelesis, at least 71 million Americans gained weight during the pandemic. Here are four tips from experts on how to deal with any weight-related stress you might be experiencing.

1. Therapist Jessica Sprengle says its important to show yourself some self-compassion during these “trying times.” 'We are all living through collective trauma, every day, and coping with that in all of the most adaptive ways can be incredibly difficult,' Jessica Sprengle, to Huffpost.

2. Registered dietitian Emmaline Rasmussen recommends erasing the words “bad” and “good” from your food vocabulary. Guilting ourselves about our food choices doesn’t usually change our behaviors, and it robs us of the enjoyment of the indulgent experience, which can lead to further unhealthful food choices,' Emmaline Rasmussen, to Huffpost.

3. Therapist Jenny Weinar recommends rethinking how you want to view this pandemic period.
 'Do you want to recall being consumed by thoughts about your body and the fear of it changing?,' Jenny Weinar, to Huffpost.

4. Psychotherapist Andre Watcher said that instead of shaming yourself for what you eat, think about why you are eating in the first place. 'When we feed our bodies non-restrictively and respectfully, offer ourselves compassion, speak to ourselves kindly food takes its natural place in our lives as nutrition and pleasure,' Andre Watcher, to Huffpost.