How Jada Pinkett Smith Successfully 'Scared Off' Home Invaders

Jada Pinkett Smith Visits The SiriusXM Studio

Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this week, Jada Pinkett Smith faced a harrowing incident at her Los Angeles-area home when two men, clad in hoodies, attempted to break in by climbing onto her balcony around 8 p.m. on Friday.

Law enforcement sources informed TMZ that the intruders, thinking they were undetected, quickly retreated when the host of "Red Table Talk" spotted them from inside her residence.

Although police swiftly responded to the incident, the suspects had already fled, leaving no immediate leads. The motive behind the break-in remains unclear, whether Jada was a specific target or part of a series of upscale home burglaries in the Los Angeles vicinity.

Deputies filed an attempted burglary report, launching an investigation into the matter. Despite Jada's separation from her husband, Will, for several years, and the reported amicable terms between them, especially after the Oscars incident, it is unlikely that Will was present during the attempted break-in.

It remains uncertain whether Jada had company at the time or was alone. While Jada mentioned plans last year about eventually moving back in with Will, such a reunion has yet to materialize.

This unsettling incident contributes to a disturbing pattern of break-ins in Los Angeles, with recent victims including "Squid Game" star Lee Byung-hun, actress Lena Waithe, model Abigail Ratchford and Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves.

The breach of security at Jada Pinkett Smith's residence highlights the concerning trend of celebrity home invasions in the region.

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