Dakota Johnson Interview Interrupted By Scary Earthquake Caught On Camera

"Madame Web" Photocall

Photo: Getty Images

Earthquakes can be terrifying no matter the time or they place they occur because of how unexpected they are. Now imagine an earthquake sneaking up on you during an interview!

Dakota Johnson encountered a surprising moment during a Los Angeles interview for her upcoming film Madame Web when an earthquake suddenly interrupted the proceedings.

The 34-year-old actress appeared visibly shaken as the ground jolted, causing her to look around in astonishment. A reporter behind the camera inquired if it was an earthquake, to which Johnson confirmed it with a chuckle.

Playfully, the reporter suggested Johnson might be responsible for the tremor, alluding to her superhero character in the film.

Unfazed, Johnson encouraged the press to continue the conference, anticipating potential aftershocks while maintaining her composure. Despite the seismic interruption, she humorously remarked, "That was a big earthquake."

Later, Johnson was informed about another earthquake in Hawaii just hours before, prompting her to exclaim, "Spooky!"

Currently on a promotional tour for the MCU film set to release on February 14, Madame Web features Johnson alongside lead cast members Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced and Emma Roberts.

The unexpected earthquake added an element of surprise to Johnson's interview, showcasing her ability to handle unforeseen circumstances with a blend of poise and humor.

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