Cities 97.1 Gives Back Partner - COLE

For over 30 years, Cities 97.1 has been dedicated to helping local MN Charities and it’s no different in 2023. This month as part of Cities Gives Back, we recognize The COLE Foundation (the Children’s Organization of Lending Equipment).

Did you know that most adaptive equipment is not covered by private insurance or medical assistance and even if it does get covered, it will take over a year to enter the family’s home? For example, Adaptive Bikes start at $3,800, Standers start at $2,500 and shower chairs go for $3,000! At the COLE Foundation they believe each child DESERVES the equipment they need to sit, stand, walk, bike and to take a shower safely so they can be part of the family, play with friends, have independence and just simply be a kid – at no cost.

The COLE Foundation provides a resource for families to browse and then lend from its library of equipment for six months at a time. These kids need shower chairs, adaptive bikes and different wheelchairs for different activities. Even if insurance does cover the equipment, it is a year-long process to enter the family’s home. Imagine your kid not able to take a shower safely or could be stuck at home because they don't have a walker, wheelchair or bike to help move them around. We are talking about BASIC Needs. That is what the COLE Foundation does - they meet these basic needs for kids with special needs at no cost for the families.

The COLE Foundation's biggest need right now are monetary donations to help purchase equipment for kids with disabilities and reach more kids in need of adaptive equipment. Secondly, as they continue to grow, they are in need of a more permanent and centrally located storage site for the COLE Equipment. To find out how you can get involved – click HERE.

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