Paul Fletcher's Daughter Elsie Interviews WWE Superstar, Riddle

I was a WWF fan way back in the day. Lost interest and didn't go back for decades. And I wouldn't say I'm "back" now, but I've enjoyed doing this with my daughter. We've been to 2 live events and watched a few of the big events together on TV.

We have fun.

I, also, would've never guessed that my 9 year old, Elsie, would get into WWE wrestling. Never. She's so girly and dainty and, even a bit, meek. Well, she's all in, knows the entire company pretty well. AND it's boosted her confidence. It's been awesome to witness.

SO, we got an opportunity to chat with one of the Superstars of the WWE......his name is Riddle. He's kind of become my favorite, so this was fun. Mostly because I got to do it with my girl. :)

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